Puma Men's Sky II Island Hi Sneaker Deep Blue

56.25 ~ 75 USD

Puma Men's Sky II Island Hi Sneaker Deep Blue
Providing lightweight support, the Puma Men's Sky II Island Hi Sneaker Deep Blue lets you lock your feet in, helping you reach new speeds.
Welcome to 350puma.com! There is a new comer here today! Padded polyester-lines insole and moisture-wicking polyester lining, such reworking Puma Men's Sky II Island Hi Sneaker Deep Blue from traditional Puma Sky II Hi is so delicate and detail focused that most people in the world love deeply. In addition, we offer this best appearance and texture sneaker with perfect comfort and quality for you!
Includes 3/8" compression spikes and a wrench.
Decoupled crash pad for a smooth, supportive ride.
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Outsole has designed pivot points for easier forefoot rotation.
ISOFIT system adapts to the shape and motion of your foot for a secure, custom fit.
Trail-specific outsole features reversed lugs for dependable traction during both up- and downhill running.

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