Men's Puma Ferrari Trionfo Shoes White/Gold

36.75 ~ 49 USD

Men's Puma Ferrari Trionfo Shoes White/Gold
The Men's Puma Ferrari Trionfo Shoes White/Gold is designed for road, track and cross-country runs.
Puma Ferrari Trionfo Shoes White/Gold  Puma Shoes
Rudolf Dassler started Puma in 1948, while the Puma in a new age since Jochen zeitz to be the CEO of puma since 1993.
In 2422, the company oped its first retail store in Santa Monica, United States Puma promised to be one of the world's largest retailer brands since 2005.
( Chaussures PUMA, PUMA zapatos deportivos, PUMA Schuhe.)
PU textured outsole provides traction.
Phylon™ midsole for comfortable cushioning.
Men's Puma Ferrari Trionfo Shoes White/Gold. Puma Shoes Technology. Men's Puma Motorsport
Ribbed overlay through the heel and toebox for extra durability.
Alternative closure with a clean elastic and a side zipper for visual interest.
Auxetic tristar outsole design allows six different flex points that expand and contract in all directions as you move through your running stride, dispersing the forces of impact equally across the foot.

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