Puma Basket II Sneakers White

40.5 ~ 54 USD

Puma Basket II Sneakers White
The Puma Basket II Sneakers White helps keep you agile and light on your feet with dynamic traction and lightweight foam cushioning.
Puma Basket II sneakers White is the classic styling shoes that you are looking long time for your next Puma Sneaker . The leather upper will perfectly complement your casual style and offers slickness at your feet. Whether in full sprint or slow walk, the Basketball Shoes from Puma is exactly what you need. Puma Basket II Sneakers White  Puma Shoes
Rudolf Dassler started Puma in 1948, while the Puma in a new age since Jochen zeitz to be the CEO of puma since 1993.
In 1999, the company opened its first retail store in Santa Monica, United States Puma promised to be one of the world's largest retailer brands since 2005.
( Chaussures PUMA, PUMA zapatos deportivos, PUMA Schuhe.)
Lightweight, contoured footbed.
Performance-inspired lacing adds a unique touch.
Puma Basket Sneakers. New Puma Shoes
Flexible midfoot straps hug both sides of the foot for added support.
Direct-attach, seam sealed waterproof construction keeps feet dry in any weather.
Bounce midsole offers the ultimate court feel and superior comfort to take control of the court.

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